This gallery presents paintings made with the classic technique - oil or acrylic on canvas, illustration board or paper.

The traditional artwork possess different, warmer feeling and its own spirit. It is a REAL art which is unique and it could be a part of your home and world.

The paintings here are not made for band or book covers. Subsequently some of them were chosen by several Metal bands to represent their albums, and others were used for book covers. But originally I painted all these arts in search of my own artistic aims and by my own inspiration.

Against the Gatekeeper Batlemage Blasted Blood of the hero Burning chalice Close look Cold moon Cold winter night Conan Dark without light Dragon fight Duel Dwarf hunt Easy way Embrace of the chasm Evoke From the ashes Harvester Hell wind Inhuman touch In the kingdom of the dead Lilith Master of the Great Hall Mind Master Mortal sin My angel Purifying by fire Repentance Sea dragons She demon Supreme judge The Dragon tower The elder one The hall with the throne The throne of the Executor The wanderer