All artworks displayed here are covers for releases of Metal bands and labels. Some of the covers depict exactly the musician ideas. In that cases I'm trying to paint everything as closer as possible to their precise requirements. Others give me artistic freedom. There I can use my skills and my own inspiration based on their music and lyrics to create original artworks.

Most of the cover arts are digital paintings - painted by hand with pen tablet in Photoshop. I don't use any kind of photo manipulation or photo over-paint. All paintings are based on my originally made pencil sketches. The digital painting tolerates different in scale changes almost in all stages, very useful when making a cover art.

The time and the prices for creating cover art depend on the concept complexity, how many details/figures must be depicted on the painting, also the image size and the medium of the artwork.

Accelerator - Debute Cover Art Air Raid - Night Of The Axe Altar Of Oblivion - Grand Gesture Of Defiance Altar Of Oblivion -Sinews Of Anguish Amulance - Unleash The Beast Amulance - Wrath Within Ancillotti - The Chain Goes On Ban DemoniC - Chains Ban DemoniC - Fires Of Redemption Blizzen - Genesis Reversed Booze Control - Heavy Metal Booze Control - The Lizard Rider Braveride - Rise Of The Dragonrider Burn - Universal Justice Chemical Annihilation Contradiction - The Origin Of Violence Crosswind - Beyond Crosswind - Opposing Forces Cypher Seer - Awakening Day Dantesco - We Do Not Fear Your God Darking - Steal The Fire Energy Vampires Fatal Violence - Ashes Tell No Tales Frozen Tears - Slavery Ilium - Ageless Decay Ilium - Ageless Decay - Song Art Ilium - Antigone - Song Art Ilium - Beowolf Defeats Grendel - SongArt Ilium - Fevered Tongue - Song Art Ilium - Genetic Memory - Cover Art Ilium - Ghosts In Flesh - Song Art Ilium - Hibernal Thaw - Song Art Ilium - My Misanthropia Ilium - Orbiting As Un Of Sadness -Song Art Ilium - Quoth The Raven - Song Art Ilium - Semblance - Song Art Ilium - Sirens Of The Styx Ilium - The Little Witch Of Madagascar - Song Art Ilium - The Neo Mortician - Song Art Ilium - Vespertilion Katana - Heads Will Roll Katana - Storms Of War Katana - The Greatest Victory Keep It True festival-09 - Lord Of The Hounds Keep It True festival-10 - Reign Of The Tyrant Keep It True festival-11 - The Will Of The Tyrant Keep It True festival-12 - Overlord Keep It True festival-13 - Symbols Of Power Keep It True festival-14 - Defender Keep It True festival-15 - Doom Forger Keep It True festival-16 - Fire And Steel Keep It True festival-17 - Stormbringers Keep It True festival-18 - Metal Warlords Keep It True festival - Tribute 2013 Keep It True festival - Tribute 2014 Lancer  -Masters And Crowns Lancer - Second Storm Lethal Saint - WWIII Majesty - Thunder Rider Metal Inquizitor - Ultima Ratio Regis Metal Inquizitor - Ultima Ratio Regis - Cover Art 2 New Age Of Iron - Compillation Overdrive - Three Corners To Nowhere Prowler - Stallions Of Steel Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader Ross The Boss - Hailstorm Ruler Ruthless - Metal Withot Mercy Ruthless - They Rise Sentinel Beast Shadowkiller Shadowkiller - Until The War Is Won Snake Eyes - Shockwave Steel Assassin - The War Of The Saint Steelwing - Zone Of Alienation Stone Crusher - Sea Witch Tarchon Fist The Outer Limits Thrash Clash - Vol1 Thrash Clash - Vol2 Thrash Clash - Vol3 Thrash Clash - Vol4 Titan Force - Force Of The Titan Tyranex Veonity - Gladiators Tale Voltax - Fugitive State Of Mind Wild - En Tierra Hostile Wild - La Noche Del Pecado Wishdoom - Helepolis Wishdoom - Wings Of War Witch Cross - Axe To Grind