BORN 1978 in Bulgaria.

OVER 13 years experience as illustrator of metal cover artworks and designs.


My passion for drawing fantasy has begun in very young age and it has never forsaken me, not for too long! :)
I have strong interest in ancient and medieval history, weapons and armours evolution during the ages all over the world. I like to read and study the myths and the legends of the ancient days. For my arts I like to depict fantasy, medieval/gothic, steam punk settings, but also the horror and sci-fi genres frequently are part of my work.

I studied in art college and graduated spatial and graphic design at the University in my home city - Varna. The theme of my graduation work in 1996 at the art college was "Battle of Five Armies" inspired by the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. I've always been captured and fascinated by Tolkien's literature masterpieces.
I like listening to Metal music, it takes a great part of my life. For my graduation work in 2005 at the University, I made visual project for mega concert of the doom metal band "Shape Of Despair". There was a time in the past when I earned a honest living as a shop-assistant in Metal music distro.

My passion for fine art, fantasy literature and metal music resulted in these 11 years of experience in creating cover arts, illustrations and concept arts.

If you are interested in my work please contact me at my e-mail art@dimitarnikolov.com or from this page with details about your project.

Thank you for your time!