I made all artworks displayed here for the releases of Metal bands and labels. Some of the cover art concepts depict exactly the ideas of the musicians. In such cases I'm trying to paint everything as closer as possible to their precise requirements. Other clients give me artistic freedom to use my skills, my own inspiration from their music and lyrics, and to create original artworks for their albums.

Most of the cover arts are digital paintings - arts painted by hand with pen tablet in Photoshop. I don't use any kind of photo manipulation or photo over-paint. All paintings are based on my originally made pencil sketches. The digital painting tolerates different in scale changes almost in all stages, sometime it is very useful when making a cover art.

The time and the prices for creating cover art depend on the concept complexity, how many details/figures must be depicted on the painting, also the image size and the medium of the artwork.

About exact offer for your project, please contact me with information of your band, cover concept and project deadline. I'll gladly send you my offers for painting or monochrome art, CD, LP or smaller in size cover art, logo design or logo remake and mascot design.